Équilibre en milieu hostile

This project was designed for the Archsharing LWT Competition in 2017, with Architecture student Manon Genevois. The brief described a project where three persons could live and work on a compact site in the heart of Shibuya district in Tokyo.
The building is designed around a core between two concrete walls. The street façade of the project shows a prominent volume supporting dense vegetation on its top and covering the entrance of a professional space on the entire first floor. Inside the building, serving spaces are gathered in the living core,, a central axis wrapped around a well hthat brings natural lighting to the first floor through the whole building. This fundamental element consists in an agglomeration of modules, whereas the slabs are as free as possible. Inhabitants can even fold the windows of each floor against the walls, providing them with an indor volume that transforms into an open surface.
The first level is entirely dedicated to professional acrivity. The generous area can welcome all types of working, cragting, or exhibition spaces