Gympie Old Railway Station

The project gives a new life to an abandonned station while reconnecting the two parts of a divided city with the design of two new links. The project transforms the station into a visitor’s center, an art gallery, a train museum as this district has an strong railroad history, and a farmer’s market, as farming is a driving force of local activities.
The Widgee Visitor Center takes the shape of the masterplan, with administration spaces, cafeteria and exhibition spaces and a gallery for local artists in the cantilever. Exhibition spaces are unavoidable, which can be useful for a growing culture in a small city.
The train museum is set on existing tracks which allows to conserve a genuine ensemble and to respect the global spirit of the site.
As the farmer’s market is set on a hill, walkpaths are designed to follow a soft steep slope using lines of the new masterplan. A crafter’s market is set in the old station building.